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What Our Customers Are Saying:

Julian has proven to be perfect in knowledge and skill at converting all of my sites over to Google Tag Manager while doing a deep integration of Google Analytics reporting so I can know all of my conversion metrics. 

P. Kortman - Founder ConnexSocial  

Julians team has helped me to setup and customize my Analytics through GTM. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to start using their marketing tools effectively.

M. Bowler - Founder Pencilkings  

What do we need from you:

  • Google Analytics  account access & Edit rights (depends on the MeasureTask)
  • GTM account access & Edit rights


We want to make sure you are absolutely happy with the outcome of your MeasureTask. If that is not the case we will refund the full amount of your small and medium MeasureTasks within 30 days after completion.

Easy Pricing

Please tell us what you have in mind and we will review your requirements. You will receive a quote afterwards and can decide if you accept it. Our prices are based on the pricing buckets below.

Small MeasureTask



/ task

Simple implementations such as: 

  • Button Click Tracking
  • Link Tracking
  • Element Visibility Tracking
  • Base FB, GA Tags implementation
  • Outbound / External Link Tracking
Medium MeasureTask 



/ task

Intermediate implementations such as: 

  • Form Field Tracking
  • Setting Cookies with GTM
  • Phone Number Tracking
  • Conversion Tracking
  • FB, GA Tags advanced implementation
(upon request)



/ task

Advanced implementations such as: 

  • Google Ads Dynamic Remarketing
  • Cookie Consent Implementation
  • Content Engagement Tracking

What do you need tracked today?

        Basic Tracking
  • Track website page views
  • Track page views of a single-page website
  • Install various 3rd-party tools 
  • List Element
  • List Element
  • List Element
        Click Tracking
  • Track button clicks
  • Track clicks of social buttons (e.g. Tweet)
  • Track contact links (e.g. mailto & tel)
  • Track file downloads (e.g. PDF)
  • Track outbound (external) link clicks
  •  Track affiliate link clicks
        Form Tracking
  •  Track form submissions
  •  Track form abandonment
  • Drop-down field selection tracking
  • Form field timing tracking
  • Pre-fill form fields
  • Source Form Tracking
  • Implement GA Standard Ecommerce 
  • Implement GA Enhanced Ecommerce 
  • Implement dynamic remarketing
Sales, Conversions, Remarketing
  • Track affiliate sales
  • Track conversions (Google Ads, FB Pixel)
  • Install remarketing codes (GAds) FB Pixel
Track Video or Audio player
  • Youtube
  • Vimeo
  • Wistia
  • HTML 5 Players
  • Soundcloud
  • Mixcloud
    Cookies & Privacy
  • Set, read and delete cookies
  • Configure cookie consent banners
  • Store cookie consent data in GA
  • Block marketing tags (GDPR compliance)
  • Count pageviews in a cookie
  • Pre-fill checkout promo field
  Browser & Navigation
  • Check if an ad blocker is present
  • Detect incognito mode
  • Exit intent tracking
  • Track if a browser tab is visible or hidden
  • Implement Scroll tracking
  • Track when visitor prints the page
  • Track when a visitor copies the page
  • track SERP bounce rate or dwell time
  • Track visitor navigation
  • Track mouse hovers 
  Additional User Data
  • Fetch visitor’s local time
  • Fetch visitor’s weather data
  • Fetch visitor’s geolocation
  • Fire tags based on visitor’s device type
  • Get visitor’s screen width
  • Enrich search result data by adding rich snippets (
  • Add canonical tags to the website
  • Add a noindex tag
  • Add SEO titles and descriptions
       Data Quality
  • Block spam referral traffic from GA
  • Exclude internal traffic
  • Send duplicate Google Analytics data 
  • Implement GA content grouping
  • Configure cross-domain tracking
  • Reduce the GA payload length 
  • Control site speed sample rate in GA
  • Avoid duplicate transactions
  • Track popups
  •  Implement on-site messaging and banners
  • Track an element appearing on the screen
  • Track an element disappearing from screen
  • Track engagement time on every page
  • Track page load times
  • Track average time until an event occurs 
  • Delay when a tag should fire
  • Firing tags after the page is fully loaded
  Chats & Comments
  • Track comments
  • Install chat widgets
  • Track chat widgets
  • Firing tags after the page is fully loaded
  • Scrape DOM
  • Track uncaught JavaScript errors
  • Transform the Data Layer
  • Add a copyright notice to the copied text
  • Track AJAX requests
  •  Change Android browser’s address bar color

Not finding what you are looking for? Tell us more about your request and we will sort it out!

This is for you if…..

  • You have a specific MeasureTask in mind that you want be implemented by us

  • You don’t want to go through the hassle of setting it up yourself
  • You are unsure if you set up tracking correctly
  • You see inconsistencies in your data and want a correct setup

This is probably not for you if…..

  • You don’t really know which tracking needs to be set up 

  • You are struggling to understand why new tracking would benefit you
  • You have multiple tracking tasks that you need to get done at once
  • You are looking for data analysis, not implementation

Some frequently asked questions:

What do you get when ordering a MeasureTask?

What if you can not fulfill my tracking wish?

Do you provide a Non Disclosure Agreement

How long does it take for a MeasureTask to get implemented? 

What access do you need from me? 

 How can I pay? 

Can you request a MeasureTask for my Mobile App? 

About us

MeasureTask is powered by Julian Juenemann and his small team. He learned the ropes of Digital Marketing in different startups he co-founded and quickly became fascinated with how data-driven this world could be. Going out on his own in 2013 he started to help other businesses adopt the data-driven way of Digital Marketing through his consultancy JJAnalytics.


In 2015 he started the YouTube channel MeasureSchool to reach and teach this new way of marketing to other fellow Marketers. With over 60.000 subscribers it has become the leading (video) source for many marketers to educate themselves on the data-driven way.

In his spare time Julian enjoys playing the guitar, watching YouTube and hacking around in JavaScript. He finds it kind of weird writing about himself in the third-person, but admits it does sound slightly more epic.

Originally from Berlin Lars Kops started his Online Marketing career in a startup where he mostly did performance marketing. Howevery, he quickly grew font of Google Tag Manager and the tracking/measurement world which enabled him do optimize facebook and google campaigns even better. 

Currently, he is working with clients to improve their tracking and their performance marketing campaigns. It gives him great joy to see things working out for his clients especially when they turn insights into action and profit.

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